Almost every day in LinkedIn I see posts like – “Hire the best possible”, “Invest in your people”, Highest standards in recruitment”, etc… And this is right, this is logical. Funny though to read comments from local business related people, like we are already there… Again, we living in dual world between where we want to be, and where we are.


A week ago, I have met a person I knew as a “big shot” in important organization couple of years ago. Powerful man, very wide knowledge. He left his job because of his age and tension and now he works in very humble position. When he left his job, he was sure he would be able to find good place in a minute. However, to make long story sort, he did not.


I was very surprised by this fact and asked him why. And he told me a story, I heard many times before. Business owners want candidates like this only for mega purposes, but this is exactly what he had at previous job he left. However, managers so afraid to hire overqualified candidate because their position will be in danger. Many managers here paid for this mistake with his/her place.


There is interesting observation in our today society. On TV “specialists” and “experts” are under 30 years of age, our “Divas” and “Prima Donnas” on stage for couple of years or sang two singles, in sales front offices everybody around 20, in fast food barely 18.


So, when we talk about “building a team”, “hire champions”, “create motivational system” we take to consideration very different logic of business success? Why we never talk about it openly?