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One question is bothering me for a while now – why candidates stop dressing up for interview?


Last week I have had an intensive interview round for a middle manager position for my client’s company. Not even one of the candidates was dressed formally, some was dressed for a beach party and I’m not kidding you. It was not a first time, with years of interviewing I start to get used to it, just this time it makes me think about it.

I remember, 10-12 years ago all candidates for vacancies starting from middle management and higher was dressed in proper suits or some equivalent outfits. Back then we also had discussions about how proper is to dress Business Casual style for a job interview.

Even more - not properly dressed candidates decade ago was considered as not good, showing lack of respect for job vacancy or/and employer. Some candidate maybe lost his opportunity over this.

What is changed? When did it changed? Has it really changed?

I know, I know, some will tell now – world is changing… But what does it has to do with it?  Fashion has changed? People have lost respect for their possible career? People have become poorer and have no money for a proper outfit? What has changed exactly?

Maybe I am too much “old school”, but I’m steel feel like job interview is not a place for fashion experiments (except the vacancy is a clown one), and today a candidate has every opportunity to appear in casual style if there is that desire. But if we talk about top vacancies I still like people to appear in full business code. I have to recommend this person to my client as respectable manager or specialist, predictable employee, and I can’t do it if person feels free to dress alternatively.

Maybe it is a secret to someone, but uniform was created among other very good reasons to make people look alike, that way to hide personality behind the dress (sometimes it is not a bad thing). And our outfits also unified sometimes to protect us from too much personal dress statement.  So, when you come to recruiter choosing dress by your individual inner voice you are really helping him/her to “read” you better (sometimes it is not a good thing). Sure, it is only one of the aspects how Head Hunter will judge your fitness to the vacancy, but still...

Maybe it is only our country specifics? May be in US and West Europe countries candidates still dressed the “classic way”? Dear colleagues - interviewers, please share with me your experience. I would really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

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October 2017.

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